+++Deutsche Version hier: Warum wir alle FeministInnen sein sollten. Und damit meine ich auch Männer.+++

I grew up with the image in my head that a feminist is a nagging, unloved, hysterical woman with a short hairstyle and a double name. Today, I call myself a feminist; not because it has been “in vogue” for a couple of years and is even written on H & M’s T-shirts, but because only now do I understand what the term feminism really wants to tell us.


The German journalist Margarete Stokowski writes in her book „Untenrum frei“:


„Feminism means that I can save the time to think about whether I can go out with my body and whether it is nice enough for the others.“


Contrary to the seemingly widespread assumption that women who fight for gender equality simply don’t have anyone who wants to fuck them, or that their aim is to castrate all men to bring the scepter of world domination into female hands. Instead, it means – who would have guessed it – equal opportunities. Nobody should be limited by his or her sex in his or her own ways.

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